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About Loud ML — the story so far

Loud ML bounced into the world in January 2018 like an energetic teenager, ready to spread its disruptive ways.

The team behind Loud ML is Element 13, the atomic number for aluminium. Aluminium started off as something expensive and inaccessible to the masses — until the manufacturing process was perfected and it surged in popularity. Like aluminium production when it was in its infancy, machine learning is still beyond the reach of many.

Element 13 built Loud ML to reduce these difficulties currently faced by businesses wishing to benefit from the advantages of AI. We created a machine learning integration tool that surpasses all others in its rapid time to market and ease of use, without skimping on functionality.

And it seems we succeeded. Within weeks, Loud ML had been contacted by industries worldwide, from energy companies to cloud computing centers. Within four months, we had partnered with InfluxData, injecting big data analytics right inside their TICK stack. Now, everyone can implement autoML in no time and with minimum effort and cost.

About Loud ML - disruptive machine learning API

Imagination is our
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As our community of developers grew, so did their demands. They provided us with ideas that we hadn’t considered, so we listened and responded, adding functionality and delivering a Docker container, along with images for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and Debian. We’ll soon be releasing images for VMWare and KVM and making more improvements.

In November 2018, Element 13 was invited to join the exclusive, six-month Rockstart AI startup accelerator program. We are one of only nine businesses around the globe to participate in the program, with mentors, workshops and funding to help us grow our business.

Rockstart AI accelerator program for artificial intelligence

Our roadmap is well defined and exciting, and we sometimes take side roads when they enrich the experience of machine learning and data science. We work closely with our OEMs to deliver functional, flexible and reliable automation tools in line with our roadmap. Removing the complexity involved in integrating automation tasks such as log anomaly detection, predictive maintenance tools and unsupervised machine learning was just the beginning.

Unsupervised machine learning tools from Loud ML

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We’re passionate about providing big data analytics and machine learning to produce actionable results, so we love hearing your success stories and sharing them with our community. Please get in touch if you’d like to tell us how you’ve integrated Loud ML with your own environment.

Predictive maintenance and ML tools for OEMs

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Loud ML OEM partners can integrate and white label Loud ML within an existing application or infrastructure before selling it to their own clients. We relish the opportunity to work with like-minded, motivated lovers of machine learning and data science. Get in touch to discuss the full range of benefits we can offer.