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Loud ML is one of the few machine learning APIs that runs as an on-premises installation, as well as in the cloud.

This avoids the security concerns some industries may face, and means you have full control over how you implement big data analytics and machine learning. Choose from the following options:

Loud ML

Loud ML disruptive machine learning API

Docker container

Use Loud ML machine learning tools with a Docker container

TICK-L stack (Docker)

Loud ML 1-click machine learning inside Chronograf

RPM container

RPM container for machine learning tools

Ubuntu container

Install Loud ML for Ubuntu

Debian container

Debian container for Loud ML unsupervised machine learning


Coming soon

VMWare container for Loud ML machine learning tools


Coming soon

KVM container for Loud ML unsupervised machine learning

In addition, the free Loud ML Community package provides integration with InfluxDB and Elasticsearch out of the box nothing to pay!


Loud ML’s free machine learning package also has no data caps so you can make the most of unlimited data input, and up to three machine learning models. Support is via the Github community.

If you need more models, or if you’d like to use GPUs for training, please check our pricing or get in touch. We also offer different levels of support with each package.

Developers are free to implement any actions they want. The Loud ML open-source API means that any action can be triggered after receiving significant events from the machine learning jobs. For example, a significant event might trigger an SMS notification to be sent.

Loud ML’s free Community package provides all the big data analytics and machine learning tools to get you started with your unsupervised anomaly detection, capacity planning, predictive maintenance tools and unsupervised machine learning projects. Preventative maintenance can help you improve customer satisfaction and save precious resources such as time, personnel and energy. In a way, Loud ML is your automated maintenance manager, offering driverless AI and AutoML solutions.

Our easy-to-use, open-source API enables anyone to integrate machine learning and data science in lightning speed time, without any data lock-in with certain databases. If there’s such a thing as machine learning for dummies, this is it — a simple interface, industry-standard REST web services, and an on-premises toolset to minimize the learning curve and achieve rapid time to market. Of course, with so many containers available, Loud ML works in the cloud too. Cloud-based machine learning or on-site machine learning — the choice is yours.

Choose from a variety of options for download, including the popular Docker image to run Loud ML in a container environment across several operating systems, or the Docker image to run our 'TICK-L' stack integration (the TICK stack from InfluxData, with added machine Learning). There are also downloads for Debian and Ubuntu, with more following soon for VMware and KVM.