Jobs APIedit

The jobs API allows to get a typed JSON document from the current jobs running asynchronously based on its identifier. The following example gets a JSON document from the job with identifier b67c10d6-3886-4285-a19c-2b908323238a:

GET /jobs/b67c10d6-3886-4285-a19c-2b908323238a

The result of the above get operation is:

  "id": "b67c10d6-3886-4285-a19c-2b908323238a",
  "state": "done",
  "type": "training"

The job state will have one of the following values:


Job is waiting to be scheduled


Job is running and the result is not yet ready


Job is completed and the result is available


Job failed. The error string will return more information

A top level GET operation will list all running jobs.

GET /jobs