Set up Loud MLedit

This section includes information on how to setup Loud ML and get it running, including:

  • Downloading
  • Installing
  • Starting
  • Configuring

Supported platformsedit

The matrix of officially supported operating systems is:

Table 1. Supported Operating Systems


Linux CentOS 7

>= 7.3

Linux Debian 9


Linux Ubuntu




Loud ML is tested on the listed platforms, but it may work on other platforms too.

TensorFlow Versionedit

Loud ML is built and tested with a TensorFlow version 1.13.2. This dependency is pinned via the requirements.txt file in the source code.

The standard version provided by Google is embedded in the loudml-base package and is automatically installed in a vendor/ directory for DEB and RPM builds.

Using an unsupported TensorFlow version will cause issues. Contact us if you need another TensorFlow version.