Forecast Commandedit

The forecast-model command will return a forecast for the given time range, and the given model. For example the command below will output data points for model named pricing-model between now and the next 24 hours:

loudml -e "forecast-model --from now --to now+1d pricing-model"

And this example will output result to stdout:

forecast(pricing-model): 100%|███████████████████████| 1/1 [00:01<00:00,  1.01s/it]
timestamp           @mean_value         loudml.mean_value
1569574800.0        None                13286.228
1569576000.0        None                12169.464
1569577200.0        None                12049.305
1569578400.0        None                10466.796

The forecast-model command supports the following options:


(date) The from date in range query, supports Date Math notation.


(date) The to date in range query, supports Date Math notation.


Will save output to the output bucket


Read data points from the specified input bucket


Write output data points to the specified output bucket


Stop forecasting if this constraint is met, ie when the target metric is either exceeded or becomes less than the specific constraint


Generate forecast confidence interval with +/- 100*p% range


The model name