1.4.2 Release Notesedit

The changes listed below have been released for the first time in Loud ML 1.4.2.


Please raise issues on Github if you experience compatibility issues on your system.


Ubuntu lovers, we have now introduced Ubuntu 18.04 support! You can refer to the installation instructions and make sure the python3-lib2to3 dependency is installed.

1.4.2 fixes issues that have been detected in previous versions, and includes security fixes.

Again, if you’re using an old release, please migrate to 1.4.2 to avoid sensitive information being leaked via the REST API.


Changes introduced in Loud ML 1.4.2:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 packages
  • RPM scriptlet fixes. You will no longer have to run systemctl daemon-reload manually after an upgrade
  • Important security fix: no longer leak password or other sensitive information via the REST API. If you are using an old release, please migrate to 1.4.2!
  • #42: you can now define the Elasticsearch doc_type in config.yml file
  • Fix an error condition where the internal state.json file could become corrupted, and prevent loudmld from returning the model list
  • Fix lower_% and upper_% values returned when forecasting non stationary data
  • A grace_period setting can be set in your model configuration. If set, Loud ML will ignore new anomalies during grade_period seconds immediately after an anomaly
  • All default model settings are set if missing, and returned via loudml show-model <model name> command line
  • All annotations messages now include tag information in the format: feature {} [tag:xx,tag:yy] is too {} (score={})
  • Annotations will automatically create a new annotation database if it does not exist
  • Python API for developers was changed, functions on_anomaly_start() and on_anomaly_end() no longer have the model name in their parameters. Developers can get this info using self.model value.


Thanks to our community for reporting the issues and giving us feedback on the roadmap!

Please let us know on Github about the new features you’d like to see in the next releases!