Set up Loud MLedit

This section includes information on how to setup Loud ML and get it running, including:

  • Downloading
  • Installing
  • Starting
  • Configuring

Supported platformsedit

The matrix of officially supported operating systems is:

Table 1. Supported Operating Systems


Linux CentOS 7

>= 7.3

Linux CentOS 8

>= 8.0

Fedora 30

Fedora 31

Linux Debian 9


Linux Debian 10


Linux Ubuntu

16.04 xenial

Linux Ubuntu

18.04 bionic



Loud ML is tested on the listed platforms, but it may work on other platforms too.

TensorFlow Versionedit

Loud ML is built and tested with a TensorFlow version 1.13.2. This dependency is pinned via the requirements.txt file in the source code.

The standard version provided by Google is embedded in the loudml-base package and is automatically installed in a vendor/ directory for DEB and RPM builds.

Using an unsupported TensorFlow version will cause issues. Contact us if you need another TensorFlow version.