Easy to use

Build your first predictive model in seconds

Get smart and automated insight from your data

The past, the present, the future. Learn, automate, and anticipate your workload


Developer friendly

Loud ML has used the latest technologies to remove the complexity of machine learning with Tensorflow. Enjoy easy-to-use REST APIs to interact with Loud ML machine learning models and data sources.


Multiple use-cases

Get the most out of your existing time series data, such as log files, application and performance metrics, network flows, and financial or transactional data.


Multiple data sources

Loud ML is the first API worldwide where you can run the same state-of-the-art deep learning models regardless of the NoSQL data source.


Infinite data volume

The licensing model puts no restriction on the volume of data that can be ingested. We know machine learning is a data hungry application!

Deploy in your favorite Linux host

Easy to install. Download the RPM or DEB package.

Build expressive unsupervised models in seconds

Use your data and Loud ML unique feature description language (DSL) to drive personalization, recommendations, user-behavior, fault and incident detection.

Agnostic to many data sources

The following NoSQL databases are currently supported


The Linux community can already participate by downloading the 1.0 release now, and give feedback to prioritise backlog for future releases.

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