Reduced downtime. Faster decisions.

Deploy AI across all your logs and metrics in a matter of minutes

Machine learning for Elasticsearch, InfluxData’s TICK stack, and other data providers

Our mission is to facilitate AI technology adoption with the fastest time to market and with as little fuss as possible. We remove the complexity involved with Tensorflow, allowing software developers to learn ML quickly and produce reliable results for their business.

What is LoudML?

Loud ML is a machine learning add-on for Elasticsearch, InfluxData’s TICK stack, and other data providers.
It’s extremely simple to use and it’s plug-and-play, so you can see results and reap the benefits within days, not months.


Loud ML machine learning API


Add any relevant data


Unsupervised machine learning using driverless AI and AutoML


Train your system to detect patterns and anomalies


Predictive maintenance with machine learning tools for AIOps


Drive automation to work smarter, not longer

How does it work?

It’s ridiculously easy to use

Driverless AI through a CLI - Loud ML

Loud ML includes a CLI to create, train and manage your machine learning jobs. It also provides an API to embed machine learning directly into your own application.

Within no time, developers and AIOps can implement any actions they’d like to customise their own anomaly detection systems or predictive maintenance systems. This is AutoML at its best. The well-documented Loud ML API means that any action can be triggered after receiving significant events from machine learning jobs.
See Github for some examples.

Recommended by world-class businesses

  • Loud ML delivers an innovative machine learning toolset that impressed our team at OVH, and we look forward to see what lies ahead for Loud ML.

    Guillaume Salou, Team Lead, Machine Learning Services, OVH

What makes Loud ML special?

No data caps on volumes: machine learning is data hungry!

Using industry standards make us all happy. We’re developers too.

Get started for free! Only pay when your needs grow.

No need to move your data from your existing systems: Loud ML runs locally.

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